2020     PAST

Ron Suber is the President Emeritus and Senior Advisor to Prosper. He wears many hats including entrepreneur, executive, sales, marketing, branding, mentor, student and coach. Ron acknowledges his success is from “Medium IQ, High EQ, High AQ (Adversity Quotient).”

Ron’s background includes creating and executing successful strategies, raising debt and equity for fin-tech ventures, and collaborating and having fun on winning teams. He enjoys engaging with entrepreneurs to help with their marketing, product development, sales process, hiring, focus and execution of key metrics. Additionally, Ron is the Chairman of the board of directors of Credible and is an Advisory Board Member to Juvo, Unison, Money360, Yield Street, House Canary, MoneyLion, Qwil, Earnup and eOriginal.

Ron and his wife of 26 years have two grown children and live in San Francisco.