Our Selection Process

This Year’s Application Period Has Closed.

2021 Beneficiaries

Beneficiary Criteria

We target smaller organizations where we believe our grant can have the highest impact. The operating budget of these organizations is typically $1-3M. With an average grant of $200,000 per beneficiary, Invest For Kids awards play a significant role in helping the most promising organizations achieve their goals. Our focus is on education, mentoring, enrichment programs, social services, healthcare, and scholarship funding.

Selection Process

Our diligence efforts are thorough and focused on a “hands on” understanding of each organization we consider. We look for quality programming, strong leadership, a dedicated board, and measurable results.

Our process entails initial screening of applications to narrow the applicant pool. We then conduct on site visits and thorough interviews with the organizations’ leadership followed by reference and fact checking to ultimately determine our annual recipients. Since 2009, we have reviewed over 550 organizations and conducted over 135 due diligence meetings.

Applications available – January 2022