2019     PAST

College Possible is a nationally recognized leader in the field of college access and success, making college graduation possible for low-income students through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. Since our founding, 98% of College Possible students have earned admission to college and graduated at a rate 4 times their peers. We envision a future where family income has no bearing on the likelihood a student graduates from college, and believe every student should have the opportunity to go as far as their talent and motivation take them.

Founded in Minneapolis-St. Paul in 2000, College Possible has spent more than 15 years refining a successful, cost-effective and highly replicable model. The application of AmeriCorps national service to the issue of college access and success is one of the key innovations of College Possible’s solution. College Possible was the first in the nation to use this model and prove its effectiveness, at 1/5 the cost of most comparable federally-funded programs. AmeriCorps “coaches” are supervised by full-time staff and provide one-on-one and group guidance to low-income students through every stage of the college process: from preparation to application to graduation.

College Possible now operates in six locations coast-to-coast, including Minneapolis-St. Paul, Milwaukee, Omaha, Portland, Philadelphia and Chicago.

College Possible’s goals are to (1) identify low-income students with college aspirations, (2) increase their academic preparation and ACT/SAT scores, (3) increase their understanding of the admissions and financial aid processes, (4) assist them in applying to college, (5) improve their rate of admission, (6) assist and guide them in entering college and (7) support them in college toward degree completion and workforce readiness. College Possible supports students all the way to college graduation.