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Beat the Streets Chicago

Beat the Streets Chicago (BTSC) empowers youth through wrestling. With a vision that all youth can become Life Champions, BTSC addresses education and play equity, working to ensure that world class programming is financially and geographically accessible to Chicago youth. At BTSC, year-round wrestling programs are combined with customized enrichment opportunities so that children can become their best selves. Mentoring, tutoring, workshops and positive relationships combined with the unique power of wrestling changes lives.

Today, BTSC serves over 2,500 young people, ages five through 23, from across the Chicago area. The organization has six primary sites, including its wholly owned, state-of-the-art Wrestling and Enrichment Facility in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood. BTSC also introduces Chicago Public School students to wrestling at 20 additional schools in Chicago for the intramural SCORE program. The aspiring Life Champions learn problem solving, coping mechanisms, delayed gratification, emotional regulation, goal setting, hard work, and the impact of their own decision. For many, this is their only opportunity to build these life skills, and they come to belong to something bigger than themselves. BTSC coaches, mentors and generous donors share the vision that every child can be a Life Champion.

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