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Comp-U-Dopt’s mission is to provide technology access and education to under served youth. The program strives to eliminate limited access to computers, facilitate growth in technical and digital literacy skills, and support the future of youth in the community. Comp-U-Dopt actualizes its mission by helping to close the digital divide through computer ownership, after school enrichment and workforce development programs, and high-speed internet connectivity.

Founded in Houston in 2007, Comp-U-Dopt began operations in Chicago and Northern Illinois in April of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since its inception in the area, Comp-U-Dopt has secured or delivered over 11,000 computers to families in the region, mainly on Chicago’s west and south sides, and launched technology enrichment programming for youth from 3rd grade through 26 years of age. Comp-U-Dopt continues to expand its outreach to youth across the city and aspires to close the digital divide for the estimated 100,000 families who do not own a computer in their home or have access to high-quality technology education that helps build confidence and incite curiosity. Solving the digital divide is essential to creating more equitable communities, and we can solve this problem through collaboration across corporate, government, and non-profit sectors and individual communities.