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Project: VISION

Project: VISION (PV) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help youth of Chicago’s Greater Chinatown community reach their full potential by providing them with tools for educational, personal, and civic development. PV takes a holistic approach to positive youth development, aiming to support academic success while also helping youth build the confidence, character, and the essential 21st century skills they will need to excel as leaders in college, the workplace, and their communities. With these goals in mind, PV serves over 350 6th -12th graders each year through two core programs, the Middle School Program and the High School Scholars Program, which are provided at two neighborhood-based youth centers and three school-based sites.

A PV youth’s journey usually starts in the Middle School Program, which focuses on helping youth build a strong foundation of academic success through tutoring and enrichment. Simultaneously, youth work toward social-emotional learning milestones using mentoring, community service, arts, and sports activities. Participating youth continue to build on their academic achievements in the High School Scholars Program through tutoring and college readiness coaching. At the same time, high school youth practice leadership while participating in civic engagement projects and develop their workforce skills via summer internship opportunities.

This program model, which encourages consistent, sustained engagement throughout the critical teen years, has created a positive impact on many community youth. PV youth consistently achieve 100% on-time high school graduation, with 100% of the program’s seniors accepted to college each year. PV youth are also engaged in building their communities and preparing for their futures, collectively participating in over 9,000 hours of service and leadership projects and completing almost 13,000 hours of internship work each year.

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