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SGA Youth & Family Services

Founded in 1911 by the pioneering Hull House reformers, today, SGA Youth & Family Services(SGA) helps more than 17,000 children, families and communities a year facing great challenges to achieve their potential. SGA services are provided across Chicagoland, but are concentrated in the south and west sides. Nearly half of Chicagoans are considered to be low income or living in poverty. All SGA services are provided free of charge and are designed to strengthen individuals, offer second chances, and create opportunities for positive change.

SGA’s approach is outcomes-driven to create systemic, lasting change by replacing the cycle ofpoverty with a Cycle of Opportunity through a comprehensive continuum of support servicesfrom cradle to career. This innovative, proven model fosters resiliency, instills hope and helpscreate sustainable positive change that can be passed from one generation to the next.

Starting with prenatal care to reduce infant mortality, we continue by supporting youngchildren through parenting education and early childhood development programs – includingHead Start and Early Head Start. As children matriculate into school, SGA is embedded in morethan 120 Chicago public schools, providing a wide range of behavioral health and educationalsupport services. SGA’s job and college readiness programs focus especially on providingopportunities to those that are out of school and out of work, and/or are involved in thejuvenile justice system. Thanks to your support, individual by individual, family by family, blockby block, SGA’s Cycle of Opportunity is helping to transform challenged neighborhoods intohealthy communities.