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Summer of a Lifetime

Noble Network’s Summer of a Lifetime creates awareness of, provides funding for and supports low-income, minority sophomores to participate in university sponsored academic enrichment programs nationwide. First generation high school students often do not consider college a possibility and face barriers to postsecondary education needing additional supports to realize their potential. Summer of a Lifetime opportunities provide students with life changing experiences forever influencing their educational and career trajectories, solidifying their desire for and belief in their ability to be successful in college.

Often participants have never flown on an airplane, left the state of Illinois, or even Chicago and had little hope of attending college. Living independently on a college campus, meeting other students from all over the world and taking classes taught by university professors, students return with unparalleled confidence in their abilities and a burning desire to attend college. The academic preparation for and exposure to four-year colleges and universities provided by Summer of a Lifetime significantly increases the chances students will enroll in and graduate from such institutions. In 2015, a record high 796 scholars studied at 72 colleges in 20 states and D.C. bringing our total to 3,760 students served since founded by Michael and Tonya Milkie in 1996.