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VOCEL’s mission is to help ensure every child has the foundation to learn, grow, and lead. Since 2014, VOCEL has been deploying innovative, research-based programming to help every child secure a promising future. VOCEL’s core program, the Child Parent Academy (CPA) is a two-generation early learning accelerator. Informed by our early learning philosophy, CPA focuses on preparing young children aged 0-4 for preschool, academic growth and future life endeavors. Through this model, we coach parents on how to capitalize on the earliest years when brain development is most rapid.

VOCEL has proven to be a game-changer for families, bridging a critical access gap for families in under-resourced communities impacted by disinvestment and limited early learning options. VOCEL continues to set a new standard for how to capitalize on the earliest, and, arguably, most important, years of a child’s life. As a member of Harvard University’s Frontiers of Innovation portfolio, we have joined with other early learning peers across the country to share best practices and outcomes. And, with a commitment to strategic innovation and outcomes-focused programming, we are building our repertoire of services. Our latest initiatives include school-based coaching and community-led early learning and parent support classes.